Fuck Me Friday : New Years Confessions

cock love

What is it about New Years Eve that makes people want to confess things to you?

I need to tell you something…….here is comes.

It only happened the once…….sure it did.

But I think I could enjoy it again…..of course you would.

How awkward, he wants to suck my cock.

Is there a man on this planet that hasn’t sucked cock?

Straight, gay, bi, whatever cocksucker.

My natural inclination is to to take advantage.

I am a cute hoor.

But, regardless of what you may have heard, my standards are high.

So on this occasion I declined his closeted cock sucking come-on.

Just because you enjoyed sucking cock before does not mean you will enjoy it again.

Like stocks and shares.

You get me right?

Pat I really want to……

Isn’t that your lovely wife over there?

If there is one thing that is going to stop a horny ‘straight’ man  in his tracks its his wife.

Judging by the look on her face she knew exactly what he was up to.

She had a face that could curdle milk.

Suddenly I don’t feel so special.

The poor thing.

What is it like being married to a cock sucker?

No fun I bet.

But then she only has herself to blame.

What kind of woman marries a homo chollo?

Women of the world, keep your mitts off our men!

I’m only kidding, you know we love straight men the most…..

Maybe it was just the champagne, or the rich food?

Maybe it was my tight pants, and the fact that I dress to the left.

Thats the international sign of a kinky fecker.

Remember that.

Champagne always gives me a semi.

Of course it all fizzled out in the end.

He went home with his wife after one last crack at me.

Here’s my number, lets have a beer in the new year.

Sure bring the wife and kids we’ll have a ball.

I’m such a bitch!

Happy New Year, oh and buy my bleeding books, or I’m coming after your husband next!

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