Sexy Sunday: The Straight Bottom

Gay Dance

I’m confused.

This shit does not make sense.

Where is the logic?

What are you even doing here looking so hot.

Why do straight men go to gay clubs?

What is suddenly so wrong with straight clubs?

OK so the music is crap, people dress like they shop in Primark, but you straight men fit right in.

You do know what goes on in gay clubs?

We pick each other up.

We fuck, and we don’t always wait till we get home to do that.

But hang on, you don’t seem so straight….

When a man booty dances with you he send out a message.

I’m available and I take it up the ass.

So imagine my confusion.

Sorry I’m straight.

You wa?


Straight? In those pants? After rubbing your ass against me?

Oh you’re just having fun!

Right. OK, I get that.

It’s no big deal.

We all want to enjoy the craic. Fair play to you.

I can get my head around that.

But hell you flirting with me boy!

Your mouth say straight, but your ass say bottom!

What sick twisted game is this?

So he eventually confesses all.

He is straight but has a cock obsession.

He likes me but….

No kissing

No hugging

He just wants to suck, get fucked hard and leave.



You got it.

He was a man of his word.

He went down quicker than a priest on a choir boy.

The man had some considerable talent.

And as for his ass.

I know a well fucked hole when I see one.

Straight my ass.

I’d say we were done within 45 minutes.

He was dressed and gone.

Please don’t tell anyone, no one knows.

Who am I going to tell, you’re wife?


They are enough to turn you straight!

9 thoughts on “Sexy Sunday: The Straight Bottom

  1. Clearly he doesn’t understand that when it comes to gay men no kissing, no hugging and no repeats is just a normal Saturday night ….. maybe he was straight!

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