Scene Queen


It happens to us all.

One minute you’re hot stuff, the next old news.

Such is the way of the scene queen.

After 10 years of partying it’s bound to happen.

We all have a sell by date.

Gay men are no different.

That’s not to say that your life as a gay is over.

No, it just means you have to re- invent yourself.

You can’t be a twink forever.

Certainly not past 30, no matter how much you may want to.

Those skinny clothes you used to wear?

Bin them, you look emaciated.

Hit the gym and become a top.

Look a bit more ‘lived in’.

Rugged, handsome, affluent.

Stop taking drugs and partying topless every weekend.

Dinner in a good restaurant with charming company.

And please, no more threesomes with second rate porn stars.

You can’t hold on to the past.

No matter what his name was, or how good he was in bed.

Onward and upwards.

And never look back, unless you a cruising a hot bottom!

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