Fuck me Friday: Gay make Over

make over

Why do I let myself get talked into these things?

I must have some kind of mental illness.

It’ll be good craic, Just come keep me company.

You can blog about it!

Well OK.

Off to the Boilerhouse we go.


A gay sauna in Dublin.

Maybe some of you are not familiar with a gay sauna.

Think sweaty men lusting after each other.

Hot tubs, private rooms, porn and poppers.

In my mind’s eye: hunks like me wanting to fuck.

In reality: munters  sucking cock before they go home to their wives.

If it wasn’t bad enough seeing ugly men have sex,I get the shock of my life.

My cousin getting boned.

There for all to see.

By two fat trolls.

Oh the shame.

His poor wife! OK , that bit is a joke.

I blame myself.

What is it with country gays coming up to Dublin and acting like complete whores?

Sucking cock in minging saunas is for married men.

So I’m going to give my cousin a gay make over.

New wardrobe.

New hair cut.

Facial, a wax, eyebrow sculpt and eye lash tint.

I’ll teach him manners and self respect.

I will make him into …… mini me!

Once I’ve remade him in my image I will set him up on a date.

He needs to know what hot men are really like.

Give him a frame of reference to judge other men by.

He’s my new pet project.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Fuck me Friday: Gay make Over

  1. Always a good thing to discourage public sex.Also great to encourge people to look their best. But no need to judge who others fuck. One man’s ugly is another man’s hot. One man’s hot is another man’s so so. We should embrace differences in body types and tastes.

    You never know what YOU might be missing. Maybe cousin knows something you don’t. 😉 *Gasp*

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