Fuck me Friday: He went straight!

gay no more

Dublin is in a state of shock!

It’s the talk of the town.

Gentlemen are discussing it in their clubs.

Ladies are whispering about it over Tiffin.

Forty years a gay and he has….

Gone straight!

Who ever heard of such a thing?

Once you have cock there is no going back.

Or so we thought.

But he has turned his back on a life of decadence.

Now he will simply be one of them.

Being a nosey queen I had to ask all about it.

So tell me, what’s it like?

I’ve not changed, I’m still the same person.

No not that. You are already acting like a clueless hetro. Eating pussy!

It takes some getting used to but I like it. You should try it.

Oh no, it’s not for me. I watched it in a movie once. I didn’t like what I saw. So much going on…

Don’t knock what you haven’t tried.

So does she ride you with a strapon?

No! She does not!

Wow, not only have you gone straight, you’ve become a top!

I suppose we can still be friends, even though he has turned his back on us.

Not literally, of course, seems he is a giver now.

Thankfully, we are a forgiving bunch us gays.

Oh, and his explanation for going straight.

No explanation, he just likes it, right now.

What a freak.

At least he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

And he has just become the most attractive man in Dublin.

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