Sexy Sunday: Penis Envy

Penis bulge

I’m all for surprises but some really do make you raise an eyebrow.

Used to be a man you say?

Having it chopped off was the best thing you ever did?

I say, ladies today!

Full of so many surprises.

Of course not everyone would agree that she is a lady.

Having been born the delectable sex.

But if you quack like a duck, waddle like a duck, and are excellent at synchronised swimming, you are a duck.

She swears, wears baggy pants, drinks pints and has tattoos.

She’s a lesbian.

Who just happened to have been born a man.

A total lady.

Being a nosey queen I just had to ask.

Why did you chop off your Mickey and then start wearing a strap on?

Mind your own fucking business you faggot!

Lesbians are so butch!

Anyway, a few pints and a line of coke later, she finally opened up.

I’m pretty sure she said something profound me me.

But I was pissed and high.

So I’m just going to throw this out there.

She is just happy being herself, everyone else can go to church and prey about it.

I do remember asking her this, do you ever miss it?

Yes, she misses making subs suck her cock.

Making them suck her strap on does not feel as good.

Thats the thing with cock.

Its a weapon!

In a way that a vagina can’t be.

Even lesbian’s recognise that.

Penis envy.

Who would have thought even lesbian had it!

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