Guilty Pleasures: Degrading Sex

gay bdsm


There is nothing wrong with my self esteem.

I have a great job.

A wonderful circle of friends, and a loving family.

There is money in the bank.

I’m at peace.

Oh, and I’m not searching for the meaning of life.

I’m a happy go lucky kinda chap.


But just on occasion,

As a treat.

I want to be degraded.

By a real man.

Big strong, masculine, aggressive.

Hung, hairy, inked and mean.


Call me names.

Hurt me.

Put your hands around my throat.

Leave the odd bruise.

Scratch me with your stubble.


Make me gag on it.

Until my eyes water.

I want to taste it after it’s been in my ass.

Fuck me in impossible positions.

Make me your toy, and try to break me.

Show me how strong you are.

Don’t be a pussy, I’m not one.


Of course I love it when you spit on me.

Just there.

Work it.

Let’s get sweaty.

No deodorant.

Lick them.



Make me beg.

Yes I’m a filthy whore.

Feed me.



I love it.
I want it.


On my face.

I deserve it.

This isn’t about you.

This is all about me.

Give it me.

You are only here to please me.


Don’t we all need guilty pleasures? 

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