Sexy Sunday: Sharing is caring


Sometimes even I can’t tell if a man is gay or straight.

He’s dressed in chaps and he has a hot ass, but we are in a BDSM club.

Is he or isn’t he one of us?

He may just be a kinky straight.

They do exist.

Really I should go chat him up, and see what the craic is.

But for some reason I lack the courage.

How unlike me.

So I stand there eyeing him up.

His outfit is rather hot.

I’ve always had a hard spot for chaps.

Conversely ,I just don’t get guys who wear thongs.


Thankfully this fellow wore just a jock strap.

Sweet succulent buns……

I was willing him to bend over but sadly he just would not.

When he catches me starting at his ass I just have go say hello.

Lest he think I was just some sleaze.

Turns out he’s not gay, he’s not straight.

He’s somewhere in the middle.

How delightfully decadent.

Who are you here with?

I’m all by myself. 

How awful, come let me introduce you to my cock, I mean friend. 

What did we think?

He will do very nicely indeed. 

I’ll never understand people who don’t share.

What is that about?

Toys should always be shared with your friends.

It’s only polite.

And sex should always be wild and intense.

The only trouble is you then have two people to get rid of when you are done!

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