Sexy Sunday: Broken Men


But I love him so much. 

He needs me. 

We can work it out. 

We are meant to be. 

Sometimes I wonder why women are so retarded.

Sweetheart he just fucked your bestie.

He does not love you enough to be faithful.

What he needs is a kick in the hole!

You can’t work it out, and you are not going to be.

Let me make this clear, once a dick head always a dick head.

Sadly my poor demented friend is in denial.

She really does think she can change him.

How deluded.

Try as I might, there is no telling her.

She has the stupidity of youth.

But what she needs is the bitterness of age.

This isn’t the first time.

God no!

Her love life has been one long series of disasters.

She always picks the broken men.

Those sad pathetic types that should ideally be neutered.

It’s the only type she goes for.

I on the other hand go for bastards.

Hot ones.

You know the type.

Hung, peachy ass, great in bed but essentially unlikable.
I try and put some manners on them.

By riding the living be’jeazuz out of them.

Its never worked, but I’m not giving up.

I once had a boyfriend ‘cheat’ on me.

Why he didn’t just ask for a threesome is a mystery to me.

Silly man.

He made such a big song a dance out of it.

All that drama, I had to dump him.

No one likes a drama queen.

It’s only sex for fuck’s sake.

But women are not like men.

They like their men to be like dogs.

Faithful and happy to lick their own balls.

Trouble is men really can be dogs, and there is no fixing that.

Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player Part 4. On Sale Feb 19th

Buy it or suffer the wrath of Paddy, Lord of the Universe!!

An excerpt: 

“So was the trolly dolly worth it? He is as camp as a pink tutu.”

“Yeah he is, but his gaydar profile is hot, and it didn’t mention he has crabs.” 

“Cahal, you’re making me feel itchy.”

“Fuck yourself!”

“Maybe the big fairy will! But do I want a dose of crabs?” 

Actually looking at him now, he is pretty cute. Knowing he has been spreading crabs is a bit of a turnoff, though maybe not a deal breaker. The last air steward I fucked was during a stopover in the UAE on my way to Hong Kong.

Just thinking back to it makes my cock throb. I was heading over to HK for a business trip and had to fly with a cheap Arab airline with a god-awful stop-over. The hot air steward had been giving me some extra attention all flight, so when I casually mentioned I had a one night stop-over I was hardly surprised that he invited me to a party at his apartment. Ethan or something his name was. 

The guy was living with other trolly dollies. I was picturing a room full of camp queens, all of whom would be begging me to fuck them. When we finally got to his apartment, I was surprised. He lived in a gated community closed off from the rest of Arabia, or so it seemed. The party had already started with plenty of hot guys and pretty girls, all air stewards. So this was not going to turn out to be the hot all-male orgy that I thought it would be.

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