How straight are you?


I’m one thousand percent straight.


But I’m bohemian. It doesn’t bother me.  I’m one million percent straight.


Trust me I’m as straight as they come.

Yeah, you got it.

He was a cock sucker.

Why are men so obsessed with telling you how straight they are?

Do you think I care if you are ‘gay’ or not as you suck my dick?

Er hello! You are sucking my dick!

You is a homo chollo!

I seem to be attracting this sort right now.

They act all macho.

I’m big bleedin bad ass, blah, blah, blah!

I’m a dom.

I’m assertive.

I like to be in control……..

They give you this BS before they get down on their knees and suck you off.

These men, they want me because I’m a total studmuffin.

Manly, hairy, deep voice…. I am the epitome of masculinity.

Sucking my cock is a bromance thing.

It’s not gay at all.

Just homies hanging out, drinking a few beers and sucking some cock.

What could be straighter than that?

Oh and if you don’t kiss then it don’t count either.

Swallowing cum?

How does that make you gay?

All men have cum!

Fucking ass? That’s just sex.

Women have bums too.

Getting fucked: that’s gay.  (But only if you enjoy it).

So there you have it.

You are only gay if you admit you enjoy getting fucked or kiss.

‘Straight’ men, why the fuck do I want you so!

Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player Part 4


“My ass hurts.” I have to admit, that is a whole lot better than the bleep of an iPhone to wake up to.

“Morning, baby. What time is it?”

“About six-thirty. My ass really hurts. You were too rough last night.”

“Stick the kettle on, will you?” He’s right. I was fairly rough with him last night, and I was on top of the world. A great day in the office brings the best out of me. “You’ll be grand, your ass has taken worse.”  The sight of Oisin spreading his ass and looking at his hole in the bedroom mirror makes my cock stir, but I need to save it. I need the tension and aggression for the rugby field, but I can’t help but comment. “What’s wrong? Does it need kissing.”

The dirty smile on Oisin’s face betrays his true feelings. “Oh Con, won’t you please let me come?”

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