Pervy Passions



You want me to do that?

You know I just wanted a late night hook up.

GRINDR Fuck n go.


But ok, if you really want it.

When did people become so forward with their perversions?

I mean there used to be time when decent people would have the good sense to keep that shit secret.

Like cancer, until it killed them.

But now it’s like: I don’t know you but I want you to do some crazy shit.

So what was the crazy shit he wanted?

Thankfully he did not want me to poo on his head.

Just pee into his gaping ass.

I tried to make my excuses.

Listen I’m not a priest….


Oh it’ll be fun.


Fine I‘ll fetch a funnel.  

I’m just too easy going.


Now this is awkward.

He’s all bent over ready to go and, I can’t go.


Eventually I’m able to let loose.

But it seems that it’s not enough for him.

He needs more pee.

Don’t you just hate bossy subs?

When did subs become so passive aggressive?



So anyway, perversions, seems like you are no one unless you have a kink.

I need one.

What perversion would sum me up?

It should encapsulate who I am.

But not totally freak people out.


OK people help me out.

What do you think I would enjoy?

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