Straight Delusions


Oh dear.




That’s cute.

You just carry on there.

Why do men go stupid when they get married?

I mean, at one time they must have had something other than shit for brains.


Surely women don’t purposely marry stupid men?

What kind of eejit would do that?


‘I’m as straight as they come’.

Sweetheart, fucking a tranny does not make you straight.

‘Look at her. She’s so pretty’.

Look her size 12 feet, hands like spades and her Adams apple!

‘We are in love, we want to start a family’.

What the fuck!


Time for some home truths:

If you like sucking cock, it means you like sucking cock.

Women don’t have cocks.

Well, not usually!

Though I have seen a few movies……


Is it really so hard to say that you’re gay?

You can be gay and masculine.

I didn’t need to get married and have 5 kids to prove my masculinity.

No I did it the old fashioned way.

By going out and boning husbands!

I’m kidding of course………


Men can be utterly delusional.

Why is it so important to be ‘straight’?

It just makes no sense.

Oh you devious sons of bitches!

How diabolical.

How debauched.

How delightful!

How do you bag the hottest rides?

By making out you are straight!

Now that’s clever.

Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player Part 4. On sale Now. CLICK HERE TO BUY


That, ladies, is how a real man fucks ass or pussy. Ethan looks delighted with himself and why not? I just gave him an epic fuck in front of all his mates. I’m his hot conquest.

“Wow, that was really hot. I love watching guys fuck.” Hmmm, to hear that from a girl was weird. Why would a girl enjoy gay guys fucking? Two women getting it on? That would be a total passion killer for me.  But these girls loved it. Weird, eh?

“Conor, will you ever wake the fuck up? We’ve landed.” It’s raining here more than it was back in Dublin, great.

“Fuck me, Cahal, I’m up.” In more ways than one. “Jeez, give me a minute ya bollix.” My cock is hard under my coat, and I need to start thinking of something to make it go down. Mother Theresa going down on Pope John Paul? Yeah, that worked. I won’t be able to sleep for a week with that vision in my head, but I’ll be able to make it through security without a huge bulge in my jeans. 

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