Please don’t tell my wife


I really do dread hearing those words.


I have some.

Not enough to make me stop, but it does make me want to gag him.

What’s a man to do?

Married cocksuckers are a real weakness of mine.

I just can’t resist them.

However I do ask myself what’s the big deal here?

Most women would love to see their man suck a nice fat cock.

But the men are convinced that their wives would disapprove.

Yeah right!

Women love that shit!



Maybe they get off on the whole ‘secret’ aspect.

Forbidden love or some shite like that?

Don’t we all get off on something a bit naughty?

Naughty is very sexy.

You been a bad boy, bend over and grab your ankles!


Naughty boys get all the fun.

As for my married friend.

You will be pleased to know I did not tell his wife.

Though I should have.

It would make great wank material for her.

I need to get my shit together!

So tell me ladies, how do you feel about watching your man enjoy cock?

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