Fuck Me Friday: Spank me I like it.

Oh no. Not that.spank gay ass

I don’t know how I feel about it.

It just doesn’t seem right.

It seems wrong to me.

Do you really like it?

Well OK I will try.

If you really like it.

Young people today!

Why are they so perverted?

Yes, perverted.

Because it is perverted.

I’m talking about getting spanked.

Men are not for spanking.

Choking? Yes.

A whipping or few light punches? Maybe.

But spanking?


That’s for women.

Should sex with men be like sex with women?

Soft and lovey dovey.

Or in this case hanky spanky?

No, man sex should be rough and violent.

It should be full on.

If you are going to fuck a man, fuck him like a man.

Maybe I’m just being an ignorant prude?

Maybe straight people are having all sorts of demented sex?

I just can’t see it.

I mean really?!

Who you kidding?

If straight sex was so good, why are all the married men in Dublin coming to me to their asses fucked?


Straight sex is crap.

So why are bottoms acting like Grey women?

There is only one thing for it.

Tie them up and fuck that stupidity out of them!

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