Cheerleading wives


Yeah! Do it harder!!

I love it!

Again! Again!

He loves it!

Wives. I don’t know how married men cope.

You agree to fuck a guy in front of his misses.

You know, for the craic. 

And she won’t shut the feck up.

Sweetheart I done this before. I got this!

Mind you, she was right.

He did love it.

He loved it a lot.

Some men are just born to be fucked.

It doesn’t matter that they have never been fucked before.

They are just natural born bottoms.

I knew that.

His wife knew that. She did arrange me after all.

And now he knows that.

I’d like to fuck you too.

Are you kidding me?! You maybe hung, but you’re a bottom. 

That cock is just for holding on to as I ride your hole. 

Silly bottom.

It’s his manly pride you see.

He thinks because he’s been boned he is losing his masculinity.

It takes a real man to get a pounding from me.

Now shut up or I’ll ball gag you again. 

His wife might call him my bitch, but I would never be so uncouth.

He’s just my bottom.

Why men still harbour these ideas that its feminine to get fucked is beyond me.

But then straight men are not the sharpest tools in the box.

Hot yes, with alluring bottoms.

But clever? No.

I tried to fuck the good sense into him.

I even choked him, pulled his hair and licked his face.

There is just no telling some people.

In the end I left them to it.

His wife was so turned on she needed boning.

My job was done.

Pat the fluffier. Has a ring to it.

7 thoughts on “Cheerleading wives

  1. I LOVE the thought of you as Pat the Fluffer! Lol. You could get paid good money for that service! Ireland is known for its stud industry… lol

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