Simple pleasures: eating ass

hot ass

People think that sex is all about penetration.

With your dick.

Maybe it is, if you are a straight man.

But sometimes sex is about pure, unadulterated lust.

The kind of lust that makes you growl like a wolf.

When you see one that you really want, you stare at it.

Which can be embarrassing if you get busted!

But you can’t help yourself.

You just want it.

My mind is always filled with the same scene.

I see him, still clothed but pants pulled down.

He wears a jock strap.

He’s on the bed, on all fours.

I’m on my knees behind him, my face at his ass.

I imagine placing a hand on each cheek and spreading him open.

Of course he is always hard and tenting.

But I really don’t care for his cock.

Reach around?


I only have one thing on my mind.

Men make the beautiful noises when they are having fun.

Grunts, moans, ooohs and aghhhs.


Odd as this might sound, I try talk.

Just to myself.

I’m not trying to start a conversation.

There is always a competition.

A target.

How relaxed can I get him?

Will he gape?

How much tongue can I get in there?

I wish I had a smaller nose.

It always seems to get in the way.

The whole thing can get rather aggressive.

I try to keep myself in check but I can’t.


All over his ass.

I bite rather hard.

Most lads, they like it.

They know that basically I can endure no more.

There is no finesse.

No love.

No tenderness.

Just aggression.

I will fuck as hard as I can.

It won’t last long.

How can it?

I make it a point to come as deep as I can.

Must be some territory marking thing.

Then the moment is over, and it’s time to go.

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