Fuck me Friday : Jock straps.


Oh you poor demented female.

How could you be so naive?

You realise that not even jocks wear them.

I hate to tell you this.

But your man is a homo chollo!

How do I know?

He wears a jock strap!

No straight man has ever worn a jock strap.

A cup yes.

But a jock strap? No.

A jock strap serves one purpose only.

To show off one’s prized asset.

‘So what am I to do’, she asks.


There is nothing you can do.

Once a man discovers the pleasures of anal there is no going back.

She could try doing him with a strap-on but he‘s likely just to develop a thing for she-males.

You know how confused types are….

This did not cheer her up at all.

It could be worse.

He could be wearing your panties!

Imagine if he looked better in them.


Thank the lord for small mercies.

‘Have you fucked him’?

How could she ask me such a thing!

I was offended.

I was shocked!

I was appalled!

I was busted!

I’m only kidding!

She’s my friend, I would never bum him without letting her watch.

Suddenly her eyes light up.

‘Oh! I can watch’.

Of course you can.

We’re friends aren’t we!

You can hurl abuse as him too!

This is why we are friends.

So it’s agreed.

I am to take his virginity and she is to watch.

If he is going to be a bumbandito its to be on her terms.

She will decide when, who and how.

And she has decided it will be on Sunday, it will be me and it will be rough.

What a good little wife she is.

6 thoughts on “Fuck me Friday : Jock straps.

  1. Are you telling me straight men no longer wear jockstraps to play sports? Or you’re saying men who just wear them under their pants (sorry, trousers; I’m from the US :D) are never straight?

    Thanks for the pic — lovely. 🙂

    1. In sport you wear a cup to protect your nuts! You may also wear tight under short to compress your muscles. You wear a jock strap when you want to be fucked like a bitch!

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