You sir are gay!

gay chaps

Denial is a terrible thing.

In fact it’s embarrassing.

Will ye ever cop on!

If you quack, waddle and have a beak, what are you?


If you wear a pair of leather chaps, a latex vest and go to they gym, what are you?

You are a bumbandito

But I only fuck women!

Well of course.

Silly man.

You are a bottom!

Lets put you to the test:

Would let a woman fuck you with a strapon?

Yes! I love it. 

Have you sucked a strapon?

On occasion when I have been a ‘switch’.

Trust me boyo, you are only one drink short of a grabbing your ankles!

But its a woman!

Now I could be wrong.

And maybe its none of my business.

But I’m making it my business.

An ass that hot needs to be gay.

Just the thought of him being straight makes me harden.

But just maybe, MAYBE, he’s straight?

As straight as any person could actually be……..

I know!

What the fuck is straight?


Is it possible to show him the error of his ways?

Fox News would tell you that gays are always trying to convert pretty straight boys.

But has anyone ever succeeded, at any time, at making a straight guy a bit bendy?

Thinking about it…….

I mean really?

You are either gay, bi, or straight.

No amount of drink can make you change.

It’s already in you.

So yes, if your married too a bore, you really are fucked.

(Not literally).

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