Fuck Me Friday: Off limits



I don’t think I can do this!
I’m just not strong enough.
I wish I was.
But really, I’m not.
I’m weak.
I’m pathetic.
I’m a maaaaaaan!

How can I say no when its there in front of me.
Ready, willing, and needy?

Why are forbidden fruits the most succulent?
Why do they taunt me so?
How can life be so cruel?
What did I do to deserve this?

What is the criteria by which you should resist temptation.
Who exactly is off limits?
I mean if he’s legal and not family, he’s fair game right?
No one gets hurt.
We both come.
No one’s going to get pregnant, catch an STD or get married.
And definitely no cuddles.

Pat touch my son and I will kill you.
Why would you tell me that your hot 18 year old son is gay if you did not want me to bone him?
And he is hot.
Like Abercrombie jail bait.
I just have to have him.
No one will deny me.

But then……
He is my friend’s son.
And he is young and terribly naive.
He may fall in love with me.
And then where would we be?
He’d be turning up at my work.
Embarrassing me.
Although my ego would love it.
And I have become accustomed to my balls.
I like them.
They make me happy.

I must try to be strong.
No Pat.
You will not bone his sweet tight ass.
You will not stick your tongue up there.
I’d ruin him.
Really I would!
He would never meet anyone who matched up to me.
Could I really do that to him?
He’s so cute and innocent.
Does he deserve that?
Does he?
Of course he does!

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