Perverted Europeans

Gay Kombat

One must always have a stock of anecdotes for orgies.
To make small talk.
I’ve finally learned that its not OK just ask someone if they want to fuck.
Though personally I don’t see the problem.
Fuck you social convention.

Anyway, I have a couple of things I can talk about.
Clothes, holidays, the fecking weather even.
So when I see a well filled out pair of speedos, its only polite to comment.
Oh they are nice.
Yesh, I see them worn in Naked Kombat.
Really now?
Yesh, I watch it at home.
That’s your wife right?
I fecking love the Dutch!

As a good european he loves women but is also more than happy to bend over and grab his ankles.
No need to hide it, just ride it.
It’s just sex.
How liberated.
Like all the best men, he identified as being straight.
I guess being married meant he must be straight……

So what do you say to a woman after you’ve just fucked her husband and winked at her?
I felt tongue tied.
A little embarrassed even.
I was being a cock.
It’s OK daaaarling, my cock is bigger.
Well that put me in my place.

I had to ask.
You know, to make small talk.
How big is your strap-on.
Oh about 11 inches darling.

Holy sweet be’jeazuz!
Did he even feel it when I fucked him?!!

He’s been ruined.
Ruined I say!
Fair play to him for letting me ride him.

So I had to ask him.
You know, for the craic.
Do you even feel it when guys fuck you?
His smile said it all.
Fecking pervert!

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