Sexy Career choices

sexy rent


They say that crime never pays.

But one thing is for sure.

Being a rent boy does.

In my ignorance, I thought all rent boys were abused, broken souls.

Like Southern Baptists, but skinnier.


How wrong can a man be?

It a money making racket!

It appears that the modern rent boy is an empowered sort.

Take my friend Pavel.

Hot swim instructor by day, and a 250 euro an hour power bottom by night.

Two hundred and fifty euro!

An hour!

To get fucked!



I know!

I’m in shock.

Smelling salts please.


No wonder he has two apartments back in Prague and pad here in Dublin.

He is raking it in from sad auld queens.


I’m confused.

It does not make sense.



Why would you need to pay for it when men are such horny fuckers?

It’s easy for homo chollos to get laid.

Pavel explained it to me.

It’s an act of desperation.

You realise you are getting old and will do anything to stop it.

By shagging some hot young thing you are holding on to your youth.

Make sense?

It’s the gay equivalent of drinking the blood of young virgins.

Instead of the blood, you swallow the loads of hot young men.

The secret of eternal youth!


Now don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that young men should be rent boys.

Holly mother of Christ no!

Only the hot ones.

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