Fuck Me Friday: Fecking pervert!



Oh god no!

Do people really do that shit?

I mean really?



The internet really has a lot to answer for.

There used to be a time when you could meet guy, fuck him and go.

But no, not now.

Now everyone wants some freaky shit.

Will ye mind if I dress in panties?

Yes I will.

Is it ok if I call you mammy?

Do you mind if I kick ye in the hole?


At the risk of sounding like an Ulster protestant, no no no!


No I will not let you poo on my head.

No I will not call you daddy.


Have you not learned anything?

The only crazy shit that is acceptable is my crazy shit.

Not that it is crazy.

Or shit!


I want to wee up your ass.

Its not pervy.

No sireee!

It’s healthy.

Like a boutique enema!

I want to eat ice cream out of your ass hole.

No thats not bizarre at all.

Its organic and low in sugar stuff!



Because its my shit.

And my shit is fierce.



Now you may disagree.

But you are wrong.

Don’t we all think like that?

I’m normal, you guys are all weird.

No one ever thinks that they are the one with perversions.


But when it comes down to it, we all have our nasty desires.


Yes, and proud!


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