Sexy Sunday: Can you live out your fantasies?

gay threesome


We all have fantasies.



Rugby players.

Rugby teams.

Spit roasts, gangbangs, circle jerks and homo chollos in white vests!

Oh nasty!

I love it.


We all believe that we could play out our dreams.

I can see it now.

I’m the perfect James Bond.

Dangerous, sexy and a total ride.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to make the fantasies of hotties come true.

So when a latex clad hottie asks me to arrange a threesome, what do I say?

Sure, why not.

It’ll be fierce craic like.


Stupid me.

Wretched me.

Tormented me.





It must be me.

There can be no other explanation.

I just pick the duds.

Jeazuz I need a kick in the hole.

Let this be a reminder that no good deed goes unpunished.


For the record: a ‘top’ who can’t get hard is as useful as a bottom who does not douche.


The situation just got too much for him.

First time nerves?


Maybe this kind of thing is just not for him.

We can’t all be demented sexual predators.

No matter how much we may want to.


The truth is that somethings should just be left in your head.

You may think that a threesome like be mighty craic.

But when the moment comes you may freak and call for mammy.


Of course there is another explanation.

He’s a bottom.

Look at the evidence:

Wears chaps.

Had his ring waxed.

Can’t get hard.



Do I give him another chance?

AKA meet him and try and pound his ass to oblivion?

Or do I let him carry on living in his delusions?


Straight men!

You wreck my head…….


4 thoughts on “Sexy Sunday: Can you live out your fantasies?

  1. A straight guy wearing chaps! Sounds pretty implausible to me. Should have been a warning to you of his confusion!

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