Bendy Gays


gay gimp

There used to be a time when you were either gay or straight.

Then came all along all the bendy types.

Straight but open minded.

Cock suckers basically.

But as you all know by now, once you’ve had cock, there is no going back.

Being ‘bendy’, leads to being a ‘bender’.


Things appear to have gone full circle.

We now have bendy homo’s.

It’s an abomination, but nothing to blow yourself up over.

What drives a gay man to go to a women?


The whole thing is more depressing than even I first thought.

For a sub, who likes to be humiliated, it is the ultimate.

Forced to do ‘tricks’ for a woman.

Suck her plastic cock.

Take it up his ass.

Endure her verbal abuse.

How European.


I asked him why he couldn’t just get a male Dom to do this to him?

Oh he has, so he tells me.

And eventually he will settle down with a Dom who will own him.

But until then he will be ‘bendy’.

But in no way is he straight.



You’re having sex with a woman, but you’re not in any way straight?


Well okay!

It’s not sex.

Not sex? Eh?

It’s domination.


Since when did sex become domination?

I just don’t get it.

Either you are naked and getting jiggy with it or you are at mass blowing a priest.

The whole thing has me stumped.

And then it made sense.

Jeazuz Pat, I’m doing it for the craic!

Why the fuck didn’t you just say so!


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