Fuck Me Friday: Bunny Boy


easter bunny

Its 8am and already I have received 4 Easter cards with hot men on them.

All dressed at Easter Bunny Boys.

And they all look hot.

Leather bunny.

Cotton tailed Bunny.

Latex Bunny.

Hmmm yummy!


Us gaybo’s do like to dress up.

More often than not we look hot.

No matter what the outfit, we own it and look the bollix.

We’re just like women in that respect.


But this is a gay and women thing, right?

I mean we’ve all seen sexy images of men.

On magazines etc.

Black n white, moody, pouting, sporting a cut semi, arm pits exposed.

I’m sure some of these models are straight…….

And that these images are aimed at woman (and gays).

But has any woman ever seen a straight man pose like that, in the wild?


Straight men just can’t do ‘sexy’.

They can be sexy without trying.

But when they do try, they look like twats.

They can look mean.

Angry n grizzled.

But a sexy, ‘come fuck me’ pose?

We have a monopoly on that.


So this begs the question, how does a straight man seduce a woman?

Act all manly and masculine?

Watch me chop some fire wood.

I’m sexy!

If a gaybo was doing it, he would do it topless.

Sweat dripping off his hot muscular body.

Lots of slowmo poses.

In a pair of butt squeezing tight jeans.

Fuck me now!

If a straight guy is doing it, he does it with a chainsaw while wearing a puffa jacket!



6 thoughts on “Fuck Me Friday: Bunny Boy

  1. It sounds like you was in the same club as me last night! There were lots of hot muscular bodies dripping sweat and one fantastic guy wearing bunny ears, white jeans and a very cute pink fluffy tail. Gays definitely do it best 😀

  2. Oh please! You need to familiarise yourself with a country where straight men do actually look hot doing good hard work. Take a trip to New Zealand, our men are hard, strong and just plain awesome.

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