Caught in the act.


Some things are just too funny to be true.

My poor demented best friend shares a flat in the city.

As many a homo does.

He was expecting his housemate to be gone all weekend.

So he arranged a play date.

To be precise, a threesome.

Nothing bizarre there.

But his housemate came home  early and caught him in the act.

Embarrassing yes, but hardly the end of the world.


You were only fucking, for fuck’s sake!

Well no.

Oh! Kinky shit?


How kinky?

Very kinky?


Gay men do love kinky sex.

It’s really is no big deal.

For us, normal sex is kinky.

So when he says kinky I know we are talking about something utterly depraved.


So! What was it you were doing with two lads?

Erm they were not lads. In the strictest sense.

Holy fuck! Are you…..fucking women?

With dicks.

Trannies?!!!! Fuck! And two of them!

 They were spit roasting me.


Wow, people really will tell me anything.

Am I shocked?

No not really.

Do I get it?

Do I need to?

Of course not. I’m not some kind of crazed fundamentalist.

So what if a man wants to get spit roasted like a pig by two Thai lady boys.

Who am I to judge?

I’m just relieved it was something truly depraved.

Like sex with a couple of women!


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