Fuck me Friday: Bits that make me hard


perfect abs

We all have them right?

Those bits of the body that drives you wild with lust.

For some people it’s the ass.

I get that.

Who doesn’t love a perfect hard ass?


But for me it’s the external obliques.

They make my cock harden and my lip curl with aggression.

I simply can’t help myself.

I have to hurt him!


Now there is the kind of guy who is simply into cock.

How boring.

I mean, just cock.

Cocks can be attached to mingers!

Don’t you know?

And no matter how big the cock, it can’t compensate from being attached an unattractive man.


Now having said all that, no matter how hot your bits are,

If you are a dickhead, well you’re a dickhead.

And that is not attractive at all.

Boner killer.


Thankfully there is a solution.

The ball gag.

Call me old fashioned, but I just love the look of terror in a man’s eyes when he is restrained and can’t say a thing.

I’m quaint like that.


The reality is, we love the total package.

Yes we want the body.

But we want the personality too.

Of course we make sacrifices.

If it’s a friday night ride, who cares if he is a twat, as long as he is hot.


As you get older together you look past the fact that you don’t have the  bodies of 20 year olds any more.

You carry more weight.

Lose hair, spurt hair.

Who cares (as long as you have a good maintenance regime)?

The superficial things become less important.

What’s left behind?

The love you feel for each other.


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