Moody Monday: Doing all the work


Jeazuz lads, will ye ever cop the feck on?!

The whole point of having a fivesome is we all ride each other.

Oh yeah I’m versatile…..

I love to pound ass……

This will be the best ride of ye life…..

Perfect, at last I’m getting boned.


Holy mother of Christ!

Feckin bollixes the lot of them.

All four of them were bottoms.

Oh I’m not in the mood to top today…..

Oh your way to Dom for me to top……

Bleedin excuses.

I know a bottom when I see one in front of me.

Bent over and presenting.

So I have to top all of them.


Now I don’t mind topping.

I love ass.

Straight ass mostly.

You know, husbands, brothers, dads and uncles.

Whatever like.


But just once in a while I like to get ridden like a choir boy after mass.

You would think that at an orgy someone would be man enough to ride me.

But no.

I really am the only top in Dublin sometimes.


Oh and people have you ever heard of topping from the bottom?

Lord give me strength to endure this.

Actually I needed it.

I had to make each of the feckers come.

After all that I was too tired to come myself.

So I kicked the fuckers out and went to bed.

Talk about being put to work!

6 thoughts on “Moody Monday: Doing all the work

      1. I can’t even imagine. After you took care of all of them, shouldn’t they have all jumped on you for your turn instead of leaving you hanging? WTH?

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