Sexy Sunday: Ignorance is bliss



I just can’t help myself.

Even though really I should know better.

Most people, they have that voice.

You know, the one thats tells you not to do it.

I don’ have that voice.

Truly I am a dumbass.


What am I talking about?

The ignorant gay.


Oh yes.

If I can’t see it, it’s not happening. 




I really like you, but just one thing. I want to be blind folded.

Oh kinky!

So I can’t see that I’m with a guy.


I can imagine it’s a woman.


Well fuck me sideways!

Normally being a dick head is a turn off.

But those perfect abs, and that big dick made me cut him some slack.

Not too much slack of course.

He had to be punished.


Surprisingly he took his medicine rather well.

Then it dawned on me.

This is just some silly role-play.

So lets play along.

Ball gagged, tied up and at my mercy I reminded him who he is.





He fecking loved it so he did.

So did I.

Role play really is great craic.

I can be anyone I want.

And a wanton bottom can even pretend to be straight!!

Whatever next?


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