Fuck me friday: A real cocksucker


blow job

If there is one thing I know, it’s that you should never look a gift horse in the mouth.

And you should never turn down a blow job.

Even if it does mean blowing off your friend.


I know, I know!

Bros, before ho’s.

But this was a blow job from a cocksucker.

Yes, a real cocksucker.


Oh you may think we’ve all sucked cock.

Yeah, yeah whatever.

What’s the big deal?



You and I might dilly dally over a cock.

But a cocksucker?

He owns that shit.

There is a real difference.

And that difference feels good.


So anyway, I blew my friend off.

And she was not best pleased.

I did try and explain, but she was not impressed.

Seems that there is no straight equivalent.


So are there no straight men who ‘pussy eaters’?

Are straight men not obsessed like that?

Hell I have a list as long as my arm of men who are cocksuckers.

Not interested in fucking, or getting fucked.

None of that kissing shite.

They just want to suck big fat cocks until they get their just rewards.


Oh fuck!

These men are always married.

No wonder she was pissed off.

She was probably wondering if it was her husband!

For the record Jill, it was not your ex-husband.

He’s a minger bai!


But from now on I will be way more considerate.

I promise I will never blow off a friend.

Without giving at least an hours notice.

You can’ get fairer than that!

4 thoughts on “Fuck me friday: A real cocksucker

  1. Yes there are true pussy eaters but so few and far between. I’ve only come across one true one in all my years and sadly most men don’t know how to do it well.

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