Fuck me Friday: Growing old disgracefully



It’s my birthday and I will fuck if I want to.

Actually what I really want for my birthday is a top to fuck me.



Mammy always said that the birthday boys must get what they want.

Mind you she said a lot of things.

Like how I would grow up, marry a princess and give her lots of beautiful grandchildren.

Sorry mammy.

Life can be crushing.


Sadly, tops being endangered, I’m forced to make do with another Sub this birthday.

No amount of feet stomping is going to change that.

It’s a big jump from Dom top to sissy boy bottom.

But fuck it, I’m not going to be a miserable auld bollix about it.


When I was younger if I didn’t get what I wanted I’d be insufferable.

Rejected by that hot ride?

Feck it! Pass the yokes and let’s get wasted.


Thankfully my all or nothing totalitarian days are behind me.

Like a decent Pétrus I’ve mellowed with age.

Tops, bottoms whatever.

Let’s just have fun.


Growing older is suiting me.

I have a better wardrobe.

I look distinguished.

An excellent wine cellar.

Doubles up as a sex dungeon.

Less hair on my head but a fatter wallet to compensate.


Age is just a challenge.

How big an age gap can I get between me and my rides?

I think I’ve gone as far as I can decently go.

A 19 year old submissive country boy.

Any younger would be unsavoury.

Who wants to bone an 18 year old who hasn’t worked out how to douche!



What’s the best birthday treat you ever had?

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