Straight seduction


You really do meet the most interesting people in clubs.

Gay, straight, bendy, open minded.

Open minded?

You know, in denial that loving cock makes them anything other than straight.

They do make hot rides.

Insatiable cock whores always are hot fucks.


So how do you pull a repressed homo chollo?

Obviously it depends where you meet your prey.

If it’s in a dark club you can take some liberties.

Experience has taught me that these boys are always subs.

So push them a little and take charge.


Have you ever kissed a guy?

No, but I’ve sucked some cock.

Kiss me now.

What here, in front of everyone?

Kiss me now!


Of course they kiss you.

They always go with tongue.

Because they want it so bad.

The poor boy looked a little sheepish after we broke our kiss.

Looking around to see if anyone was watching.

Sweetheart, no one cares if you are kissing a guy in a BDSM club.


So he opens up to me.

He has a girlfriend.

She’s nice but doesn’t understand him.

She doesn’t know about him being bisexual.

He thinks she would not approve.


The poor boy has just not lived.

So I decide to rock his world.

Drag him into a corner and put him on his knees.

He is an excellent cock sucker.

The other clubbers approve.


This is just more than I can endure.

I simply must have him

Grab your coat, you’ve pulled…..

Then the truth starts coming out.

He has never been with a guy before.

A virgin.

How hot!


I must fuck him!

Into the shower, scrub him down and piss on him.

I do like to mark my territory.

Then bed.

If you’re going to fuck ass, then at least have the decency to eat it out first.

It’s just good manners.

The sweet innocent boy had never been rimmed before.

To say he loved it would be an understatement.

Don’t stop, more, again.

A natural bottom.

But of course, he is straight after all.


The fuck?

It was ok.

For a first timer he did OK.

I restrained him, wrists behind his back, bound with my belt.

In my mercy, I took it easy on him.

As you’d expect he came quick.

They always do, all the excitement…..


Naturally I had to put the whole thing into perspective.

After I came in his mouth.

You better get going now, you’re girlfriend will be wondering where you are.

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