Wanky Wednesday: Abstinence!


orgy time

Some things are beyond my comprehension.

I just can’t relate.

They are so far past my comfort zone that I find it hard to believe.

I mean abstaining.

Sure, for a few weeks, if you’ve been ill.

Or if your partner is away.

But a month?

A year?


Shit ‘s just fucked up.


Could I imagine going without sex?

Does that include wanking?

If it does I’m fucked.

Not literally of course, sadly.

Don’t get me started on that.

I really am the only top in Dublin.

My poor neglected ass.


What it comes down to is this: we all think we’re normal.

It’s other people who are weird.


A different hole every night?

You are a freak!


No hole in years?

You are a freak!


But back to abstinence.

I’m easy going but it does make me worry.

Where will it end.

Days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years.

Before you know it, you’re a mad old bint living with cats and stinking of piss.


How can I possibly save these people from themselves?

There is only one way.

Go in big, go in hard, go in with friends.

I’m talking about running a train on your asses.

Gangbang the stupidity of them!

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