Fuck me Friday: Pass the fuck


gay BDSM

Would you like to fuck my Sub?

This is not something that most people will ask you in the pub.

Notice that he did not say ‘boyfriend’.

In all honesty I was rather taken a back.

I was sober you see.


So he asked me again, you want me to lend him to you or what?

Lend him?

How bizarre.

His sub, so it transpires, is his property.

He loans him out to friends, acquaintances, drinking buddies.


Does he get a choice in this?

Of course not.

His job is to simply get fucked, or whatever.

Being a nosey bollix I had to find out more.

So what’s the craic? Some BDSM thing? You love him right?


I’m obsessed with love.

It’s my get out of jail card.

When I see something totally weird I think yeah that’s fucked up.

But they love each other.

Isn’t that sweet.



I don’t love him.

He’s my Sub.

Just a hole.

I have a boyfriend.

This wee man is just my property.

Oh and he’s poz…..breed him if you want.


Well that put me into bit of a tailspin.

We all know northern protties are perverts.

But that demented?

A poz cum pig.

Don’t they just exist in pornoland?

I turned down his generous offer.

It was just too fucking weird.


The truth is I am a total fake.

This whole BDSM thing I’m playing out, I’m winging it.

When faced with the real deal, I freak.

I really am a plastic Dom.

Just call me Christian fecking Grey!

9 thoughts on “Fuck me Friday: Pass the fuck

    1. Craic : fun. It’s actually scots I think! Example. Why did you fuck you ex? Ah for the bleedin craic. Why did you spend the rent money on rent boys and coke. Ah jeazuz! I did it for the craic like!

  1. This post really trips some of my triggers. If you’ll permit a short rant, Sir.

    The idea that some of us are more/less ‘real’ than others—simply due to amount of emersion, if you will—doesn’t ring true for me.

    The same train of thought suggests that because I don’t wear a collar 24/7 my submissiveness is somehow ‘less real’ than others who make different choices…it not only rubs me wrong, but I don’t believe it to be true or factual either. Conversely, the same reasoning states that because you (perhaps) don’t have a sub at kneeling at your side 24/7 your dominate inclinations are ‘less real’…well, I think it’s total BS. No doubt the (lucky) boy you recently had servicing you in the corner of a club felt the experience was ‘real’.

    Real, in my humble opinion, is defined solely by the two (or more) folks involved in any given encounter. No one—no one—can dictate what our ‘real’ natures/desires are simply based on how we chose to live our lives.

    Un-collared but no less respectful,
    JLT =)

    1. Hi Joseph! I think real can only defined by the self. When I talk about real, I only talk about me. I’m just acting Dom and sometimes sub. But inside me I don’t feel like a real dom or sub. That us to say I could take it or leave it. I only do it for the craic. And that seems very different to people I have met in the bdsm scene. They describe their relationship to being Dom or sub very differently. X

  2. Really surprised not a comment has even been made about the fact that your friend was offering you up his HIV positive sub to ride bareback! Some friend indeed.

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