Camp v Butch

camp gay

It’s the ultimate battle.

In one corner we have the skinny diva who hasn’t eaten in years.

In the other the Mary who pumps iron until he drops.

It’s the age old battle.

Camp gays versus butch gays.


What makes a man camp?

That’s really the hard question.

What makes a man butch?

Men are butch because society programmes us to be ‘manly’.


As a norm, society does not try and make men camp.

Men are given action men to play with.

Taught to play boys games.

Cowboys and Indians, cops n’ robbers.

It’s all part of socialising us as butch, manly, dykie men.

See a kid playing with a Barbie and people start to worry.


And yet, with the best will in the world, men still turn out to be camper than Christmas.

Yeah you get the odd straight guy that is camp.

I’ve never actually met one, I’ve met a few camp closet cases.

Who are just waiting to explode out of the closet.

But a genuine camp straight, woman loving man?

Must be out there somewhere, grannies love them.


I would consider myself as fairly butch.

With the odd bout of drink induced campness!

When I use the phrases ‘butch’ and ‘camp’, I’m using them as sexual tags.

Yes people are camp or whatever in public.

But really when most lads are using those labels there is a sexual sub text.


That’s how gay guys think.

There is a real predatory streak in us.

Even if we don’t fancy you, we label you up.

Camp, butch, top, bottom, versatile, Dom, Sub etc.


But back to the question.

What makes a man camp or effeminate?

Maybe there have always been camp and effeminate men.

Why is being camp or ‘effeminate’ less manly?

Maybe the real problem is that society is trying to dictate what it is to be a man?

You must be hairy, muscular, bearded etc.


Maybe you just have to be you.

5 thoughts on “Camp v Butch

  1. How about questioning how all of us are labelled, not just men. I can’t think of a label that accurately describes me, so any Single word would be wrong. Maybe a very long sentence with lots of adjectives, but never a single word.

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