Sex & Conformity



Ah love.

L              O             V             E

We all want it.

We all want to give it.

Settle down.

Be a good gay.

Live happily ever after, together.



Is that really life?

Should it be like that?

Most people think so.

That is the power of conformity.

Everyone is telling you to settle down and be good.


But who really wants that?

People get itchy.

Literally if they’re unlucky.

They love their partners but want excitement.

They want that spark you get, when you meet a guy for the first time.

But society says no.

Be a good gay.


So you try and be good.

Suppress your need to fuck some hot new talent.

Then along come temptation.

GRINDR, Gayday, Manhunt etc.

You can’t resist.

You log on and cruise.


Can you go through with it?

You hide your face and wank chat.

But its not enough.

The fear of losing him stops you.


You wonder why he does not feel the same?

It’s not about love.

He has conformed?

How can you explain, you love him but want to fuck others?

You just can’t.

Then you see me.

You want me.

You decide to do it.

Now you really are fucked!

2 thoughts on “Sex & Conformity

  1. That’s a difficult issue, Mr Darcy. If only one of you wants to fuck others, you have some hard choices to make, and it likely won’t end well anyway. Best thing is offer up some hot twink to show the advantages of playing around.

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