Bisexual Husbands

gay trucker

I’m sure that you harlots would find nothing sexier.

Than finding out that your husband is bisexual.

The idea of him with another man….

Fucking or getting fucked.

I bet the next thing you imagine is sharing him with another hottie.

The threesome you always wanted.


Oh you foolish things.

Never underestimate a man’s pride.

A man must be a man.

Manly and caveman like.

His woman must always see him as being masculine, and not as a cock sucking queen.

So even though your man may love cock,

And he knows you are totally cool with it.

He can’t let you in on the action, lest you think him a big fairy.


Oh cruel world!

Why do you torment me so?


Yeah, yeah I get it,

Life’s a bitch.

How can he deny you like this?

I’m sure you feel his sex life should be one great big show!


So what can you do if he won’t let you in on the action?

First you need to figure out if he is a top or bottom.

Have you ever noticed how cats bring home dead birds and mice?

They present them to you.

Well you need to bring home a hottie.

(Not dead).

Present him to your husband and back away.

Head bowed, never making eye contact.


Let you husband examine your gift.

And hey presto!

Before you know it, you’re sitting on your husband’s face while he gets rooted!

Divorce cancelled, for now.


Now I can’t promise he won’t eventually leave you for a big hairy trucker.

But as we all know, married men are natural bottoms.

So I would strongly recommend that you buy a strap-on.

You know, for marital bliss!

5 thoughts on “Bisexual Husbands

  1. I dated 2guys. Both bi and in an on off relationship. I eventually married one and had the other ones kid. But not at the same time. Sadly they have passed away.
    Tracy w.

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