Are you wanking?



Another trip to England, and another dose of reality.

All English men are bottoms.

Of the needy variety.

And all MM erotica authors are women.

Apart from me, and Max Vos , and Liam Livings, and….

But you get my point.

There are an awful lot of women writing MM.


How can these women possibly know what men get up to?

They can’t of course.

I mean it’s not like that they have cocks.

And then KC Wells explained it to me.

Women are chronic masturbators.

KC informed me that she does ‘research’ for 30 minutes a day.

Without fail.

That explains her very short nails.


You name it, KC has seen it and flicked herself off to it.

She can describe any sex act in explicit detail.

In fact she can even recognise a porn performer from his penis or butt hole.

Now that’s impressive!


As a writer of one handed reads I can appreciate the need for a good wank.

But I do wonder if this is a good thing.

I mean 30 minutes is no doubt really 90 minutes in KC’s case.

Think of all the productive things she could be doing in that time.

Baking cakes, rearranging cushions….

You know girly shite.

Oh yes and writing a few more books for her fans.


So I’m going to take my own advice.

Log out of Grindr and finish Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player, Part 5.

There are only a few words of hot rampant sex to finish and then editing time!

7 thoughts on “Are you wanking?

  1. Also another reason a lot of women are writing MM erotic romance is because we love to watch men get up and get down with each other. The mere thought of two men together gives me an erection. I don’t actually have a penis, but if I did, it would be in a perpetual state of hardness. I have penis envy, don’t judge, me y’all. 😄

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