Real Sex v Book Sex

gay fantasy

Sorry to disappoint you guys but I’m not Conor Murphy.

I’ve never been fisted.

And I’ve never had random bareback sex with a couple of lads I just met.

It’s all make believe.

The sex I write is fantasy sex.

And at this age we should all know the difference between fantasy and reality.


Erotica is fundamentally an escape.

With that in mind,  I write over the top fantasy sex.

The best sex you (I) could ever want or have.

My writing is not an advocate for barebacking sex.

Actually I’d never advocate any form of sex.

I’d never be so impertinent!


Real sex is not what we see in porn or often read about.

In reality the vast majority of men worry about STDs and ‘accidents’.

In fantasy the fear of a bottom having an ‘accident’ or HIV infection does not exist.


This is not to say that we should not be having great sex.

Of course you can and should be having great sex.

But real great sex and fantasy sex don’t always match up.

Depending on your fantasies…..


It’s safe to say that something’s are best left on the page.

Fisting (receiving!!).

As much as I love to read about it, I’m never going to do it.

Because I can tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

And because it’s fantasy I can cut it some slack.

Something not adding up, who cares if it reads well?

It is entertainment after all.

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