Fecking Ex!



Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is worse than finding out that your ex is getting married.

Don’t get me wrong.

I hate that son of a bitch.

I don’t want him back.

But him getting married?

Living happily ever after?

Fuck you!


I know what you’re thinking.

He hurt me.

Yeah he did.

Mentally (in a bad way).

Did I hurt him?

Physically (in a good way).

But that does not mean I’m pining for him.

This isn’t some Mills n Boon shite.

I’m not going to run into the church and say ‘I lurve you Daaaarlene’!

I want him to suffer!


I guess it’s just jealousy really.

And spite.

How has he been able to meet a man and settle down but I haven’t?

If anyone should be snapped up it’s me.

I mean I’m a bleedin legge.


On top of that, is he really marriage material?

Don’t marrying types need to be, you know, not sluts?

Not that I’m anti sluts.

I love all you sluts!!

But that man’s had more cock than a fat cock eating monster!


Do I think it will last?

Hell no!

How can I be so sure?

I’m going to fuck his husband of course!

By the time I’m done he will be ruined!


I’m only kidding!

I would never deliberately go out and ruin a gay marriage.

I can’t say the same for a hetro marriages.

As we all know, they are shams anyhow.

No, he’s made his bed.

Now he’s going have to lay in it.

With the same man…….for eternity!


3 thoughts on “Fecking Ex!

  1. Isn’t it funny how you can be jealous of someone having something you don’t really want? LOL. Human nature. Maybe we just want someone to WANT us for FOREVER. (Shrugs)

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