The perfect gay

perfect gay

Holy sweet mother of jeazuz!

I’m fecking drooling like!

My cock is throbbing and my hole is pulsing.

He is the perfect homo chollo.


Tall, toned and muscular.

He is so masculine.

I love his gorgeous tattoos and his well filled out tight shorts.

Oh that ass, oh that smile.

He’s perfect!


He’s so hot!

I just have to have him!

He here with his wife and kids!

What the fuck!!

Oh cruel world!

Why do you mock me so?


Tis true.

He’s is the perfect gay.

He’s straight.

There is no way he could be any more attractive.


I really do feel sorry for her.

The silly wifey.

But she only has herself to blame.

I mean did she really think we would not come for him?

He’s one of ours.

Way too hot to be left with you.

He’s done his bit.

Spread his hot genes for mankind.

Now it’s time to spread his hot hole for gaykind.


So back away bitch!

This man is mine!

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