Sexy Sunday: Blame Game

gay sauna


Did you know this?

Me? How the hell would I have known about this?!

Trouble is I did.

We all knew about it.

It was the secret that could not be kept.


You see my poor foolish friend married a gay.

Now thats hardly surprising, as gay men are total catches.

But as all women know, gay boyfriend = good.

Gay husband = bad.


How did he ever think he could keep it a secret?

His picture was plastered all over Grindr and Gaydar.

Seems he is an insatiable bottom.

But then they always are.

I asked around, it would appear he has been a total slut.

He’s been fucked by everyone, but his wife.

Shame that.


You gays are all the same!

We don’t all marry women!

I tried to console her, but she is beyond consoling.

He was the love of her life.

But then gay men are so loveable.

Trouble is we love cock, and thats going to make any marriage tricky.


You have to choose, you are either my friend or his!




According to Gaydar he likes double anal and loves to swallow.

She on the other hand in a whiney cock blocking wife.

I choose him!


What do I win?


I’m only kidding.

I’ll pick her of course.

She’s my friend.

I’ll shun him.

I’ll cast him out!

I’ll turn into a pariah!

I’l fuck him in the sauna!

It doesn’t count!

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