Stupid Gays

stupid gays

Why are the pretty ones so stupid?

Is it genetic?

It must be.

You just can’t have everything, I guess.

Nice but dim……

Hot but retarded…..


So my friend Blu is gay.

He likes to suck cock, but wants no one to know.

Fine whatever.

But the trouble is that Blu is a total screamer.

Never was there a camper man.

No one, and I do mean no one, is going to believe he is straight.

But he persists in telling people he fancies women.


Give him his due, he does date girls.

Normally very short haired ‘boyish’ girls.

I think you know what I’m getting at.

It never lasts, of course it wouldn’t.

But he likes the company of women.

Yes, I know.

I did try to explain to him that it’s a gay thing to love women.

But not want to fuck them.

Like I said, hot but retarded.


So how can I stop him from doing something stupid?

Like marrying a woman?

I need to show him that he is 100% gay.

I’ve already tried bumming him.

He hated it.

I do believe he is a top.

Trust me it happens, the camp top.

It’s a phenomena!


So what do you think?

How can I show him that vaggagagaga is not for him?

5 thoughts on “Stupid Gays

  1. Blue sounds like someone I know.
    Gay men in denial are so funny. Who are they kidding?…themselves!
    Hanging out with girls… well groomed …eyeing up ass. Then he tells me he’s a giver not a receiver. ..well fuck me sideways, he bums men but won’t be bummed??? But no I’m not gay he says???Really!!!!
    But he’s my best friend & I love him all the same…but my boy truly needs a spanking into reality!

      1. He’d love you Pat….Make him squeal!
        He laughs at his bottoms. ..calling them his pillow biting bitches!
        Teach him a lesson he won’t forget!

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