It’s great to be gay!



“If I was straight I would be raging… look how much fun it is being gay,” so says drag queen Panti!

She’s right, it is fun being gay.

But the world is full of haters.

Always trying to ruin our good times.

But on Pride Day nothing can take away how wonderful life is.

How it must be celebrated and enjoyed.


Not that I feel proud of being gay.

I‘m at ease with who I am, no pride or un-pride.

Just content in my own skin.

So I suck cock, who cares!

But in these political times it’s important to get out and say we exist, we’re happy, and we’re not going away.


So what did I learn from Pride this year?

Chav’s love Pride.

I guess its because they are socially excluded too.

They want to get out and party.

Who can blame them?

We all love a good party.


Secondly, its impossible to get laid on Pride weekend.

Rides are either drunk, wasted or fierce.

I am none of those things.

I exist in a perpetual state of fabulousness.

Sadly I’m the only one on Pride Night.

Whatever bitch!

I must be getting old.


But I still have it.

Would ye like some yokes lads?


I mean no, not today.

I still look cool, or like a pill head.

As long as I don’t look old!

When did dealers start looking so hot?

He had that whole beach chic thing going on.


Anyway, Pride is over for another year.

All thats left now is sleep off the hangover.

2 thoughts on “It’s great to be gay!

  1. What?! YOU can’t get any on Pride weekend?! Paddy Darcy?! That’s absolute bullshit, men that look like you ALWAYS have an endless supply of hot men to keep you occupied.

    You can’t get laid on Pride weekend. Oh please…😂😂😂

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