Chicks with tricks


There is nothing worse than missing out.

I mean how can you be having all this fun without me?

How can ye be such a bollix?

I’m never jealous.

It’s just not in me.

I just want in on the action, that’s all.


So with all these confused types having sex with chicks with dicks…


I have  to get me some of my own.

I’m calling him Princess.

I mean her.

She’s (he) is only 23!

Slim, twinky, looks fabulous in a dress and heels.

With a sexy beard.


So this is my first time.

I don’t really know how these things play out, so I’ll just wing it.

But I do know that Princess is one of those pain and degradation whores.

Some slapping, some stern words….

Hey presto!

My dicks up her ass and you’re not in Kansas no more.


Though I do worry…

Where will it all end?

Will I become addicted to men in frocks?

Will I become a hairy trucker?

Hell no!

I’m just too amazing for that craic.

Can you imagine me in a check shirt and a pair of stone wash jeans?


It’s never going to happen.


Though there is something I really am worried about.

Princess  will be wearing a chastity belt.

I just don’t like them.

I mean WTF is the point?!

I try, God knows I try!

But I’m just a judgemental auld queen.

That shit is just fucked up.

Cocks should be hard and big.

Not caged and apologetic.


But when in Rome.

If Princess wants to be a sub whore who am I to complain…..

It’s just the thought of getting reamed by a man in a dress is rather hot!

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