Sexual Labels


At the end of the day, it is what it is.

It’s a guy wearing a dress and make up.

And I’ve just had sex with him while he called ‘Daddy’.

How do I feel about that?


Not totally sure.

I mean ‘Daddy’?

Am I that old I pass for ‘Daddy’?


Shite! I do.

Oh well, if I’m going to be ‘Daddy’ you’re going to be ‘Princess’.

No one could ever say I don’t give shite my all.

Of course I’m totally winging it.

What do I know about being ‘Daddy’?

Feck all.

But I can wing it.

This is what happens when you work in sales and marketing.

You’re an expert in BS and making shite up as you go a long.


So I went with it.

How was it?

It was ok.

Fine, it was weird.

Riding a 23 year old in a dress is always going to be a bit weird.

Especially while he calls you ‘Daddy’.

But you know what was really weird?

Yeah you guessed it.

He labelled himself as straight.

Like a gay guy would ever dress up in skirt…..


Men are obsessed with labels.

Straight, gay, bi.

Top, bottom, vers.

Dom, Sub, Switch.

Does it really matter?

Maybe it matters to you, but to me?

If you’e bent over, taking my cock up your ass I don’t care if you claim to be straight.

As long as you’re hole is tight.


6 thoughts on “Sexual Labels

  1. I work with “Are you an arsehole” Yes then I don’t want to know you. No, welcome to my world …. and I pick my sleeping partners that way too, lifes to short to care what colour their skin is or whether the clothes they are wearing matches their gender.
    But calling you Daddy is a BIT creepy …

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