Why are you gay?

why are gay people so hot?

Oh it’s because God made me like that.


Erm, because of some genes ?

Not that either? Really?

Must because mammy dressed me up as a little girl as a kid.

Not persuasive?!

Hmmmm, dropped on my head as a child.

No wait, I got it.

Because I was sexually abused by a priest.

That must be it!

Shite, what is it then?

This is harder than I thought.

I hate not getting it.

You are beginning to piss me off!


Why the fuck is it any of your business anyway!?

Why do you care so much?!

What made you straight and think polyester was a good idea?

Yeah, let’s see how you like it.

Why are you obsessed with titts?

Were you not breast fed as a child?

Is you being straight an Oedipus thing?

You freak! Repent sinner!


The real question is why does anyone care?

Do you obsess about why your friends prefer apples to oranges?

Or why a child is left or right handed.

Why are we compelled to waste millions in research and years in debate.

What does it mean to be left handed?

Can we screen for left handedness?

It really is that stupid.


Some people are gay.

Some are straight.

Most people are bi.

Hell, some people are asexual.

This is not the meaning of life.

I’m not saying anything profound.

In fact you shouldn’t even care.

So please, get on with you day.

6 thoughts on “Why are you gay?

  1. Great … truthful post. One day … There won’t be ‘gay’ as a description just like ‘left handed’ isn’t … being left handed was a curse & was sometimes punishable by death in some cultures as a sign of demon possession. As late as the 1950-60’s … schools in America were trying to make left handed kids write with their right hand! Living for the day … it will be Patrick Darcy soccer player … not Patrick Darcy gay soccer player! It will be HIS choice as to what he wants to say about himself … not be pre-labeled! Love you Patrixk

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