Sexy Sunday: Pushing boundaries


Bi men
Give up sweetheart. He wants cock!


There are limits…. and there are hard limits.

You know?

Hard limits really are things you can’t do.

Pooh on a man’s head, fuck a granddad etc.

Limits’ are just challenges.

Most people go on and on about their limits.

AKA: please help me smash through them!


So when a man tells you he’s straight, repeatedly, you have to wonder.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

It’s always best to run these things past their wives.

What’s the craic?

He’s a repressed bisexual Pat. 

I thought as much (he’s gay you silly wifey).

There really are no straight men in Dublin.

Apart from the mingers, they are all straight.

You can keep them ladies.


For once I’m not going to fuck him.

Or even try.

No, this time I’m keeping my cock out of it.

Nothing good ever comes of it.

But I did offer some advice: once he’s had cock there is no turning back.


Oh it’s just experimenting Pat. 

You poor ignorant woman.

When will you learn?

Experiments are done in labs.

In bed you fuck.

So if he fucks a man in your bed, its not because he is experimenting.

No, its because it turns him on.

Experimenting is just an excuse repressed gays use.


Are you telling me that he would leave me  for a man, once he’s had a taste of cock?

Don’t be stupid!

You do he’s cooking and cleaning.

He’s not going anywhere!

But he will become a cock whore.

They always do, something about making up for lost time.

As long as you can wash the spunk stains out of his clothes you’ll have a happy marriage.



Is the secret of a happy marriage turning a blind eye?


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