It’s a whore’s life : A born survivor

rent boys


There is no easy way of asking you this.

So I’ll just ask.

Would you fuck for money?

I don’t mean pocket change.

I mean serious money.


Hell no!

I’m not a whore!

I’m not cheap, how much money?


Enough to buy you two apartments in Prague.


OK, I’m in!


My friend Lukas is doing rather well in Dublin.

The auld queens love his hot young body.

Some bottoming here.

A bit of topping there.

An over nighter or two.

Before you know it you’re turning up for a cuppa with 3K in your pocket.




For a couple days work.

That’s good money whatever way you look at it.


So how did Lukas end up being a prostitute?

It’s simple really.

1. He’s hot.

2. He’s hung.

3. He’s uneducated (academically).

4. He’s a great ride.

5. He was desperate.


Looking at him, superficially, he has a wonderful life.

Great apartment in the city.

Lots of free time.

Access to the best drugs that you can buy.

Travels the world (ok, to county Kerry!).


And yes, he is totally head fucked.

How does he make sense of this?

He won’t whore forever.

You’re only pretty for so long.

He’s in night school learning to do web design.

He has a good income from the apartments he has rented out.

Eventually he will move back to Prague and forget he was ever in Ireland.

His life here will be locked away in some dark place in his mind, and the key thrown away.

We will all be forgotten and life will go on.

And he will have survived.

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