Fuck me Friday: Scary bottoms.


There is nothing scarier than a power bottom.

You heard it first here.

Power bottoms just freak me out.

I’m not talking about needy bottoms.

Oh Pat please fuck me, I really need you cock in my ass….

Music to my ears!


Fuck me like this, no not like that. More cock, more, more, more!

Oh will ye shut the feck up!

How intensely irritating.


The problem is that power bottoms always have the hottest asses.

And I’m attracted to ass, like rent boys are to wallets.

I know they are going to be hard work but I just can’t help myself.


You should not mistake a greedy bottom for a power bottom.

A greedy bottom just enjoys getting spit roasted.

I mean who doesn’t?

But a power bottom wants DP and wants to tell you just how he wants it.


Of course what a power bottom really needs is a Dom muscle daddy.

And some violent, rough, ass breaking sex.

Truth be told, I just don’t have it in me.

I’m too nice.

You heard it first here.


I have on occasion faked it.

That whole Dom daddy thing.

But I always get busted.

Power bottoms can spot a fake easily.

I just can’t bring myself to go that extra sadistic mile.


Why is this a problem?

Power bottoms love me!

They are attracted to me, like flies to shit.

You know the type, hot, insatiable, the kinda guy most women end up marrying.

I have to practically fight them off my Mickey.

But I am but a mere man.

Weak and feeble.

I can only resist your power bottom husbands for so long.

Sorry ladies, but I just can’t help myself.

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